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Moreover, just as how the current three generation Zunes are represented by three different IDs, there are three unique class IDs and specifically Product IDs (PID) that identify three potential “Zune Phone” models (not storage capacities) off the bat. Update: Whilst it is possible there might be system-wide Zune integration into Windows Mobile 7, this particular driver references specific hardware IDs that are locked to a vendor (Microsoft) and product which under USB body regulations cannot be masked, thus this has to be Microsoft devices. My bet is that they’re not just capacity variants (since various Zune capacities are all grouped under the same PID), but three actual hardware SKUs. Other than the addition of smart playlists, Zune 2.5 didn’t really add any functionality that I envision myself using very often.I found a very good, accurate review of the new software and firmware on Paul Thurrott’s Web site.Once extracted, go to that new folder, zunesetuppkg-x86 and then go into the packages folder. In here, you will see 3 files; , Zune-fr.msi, and Zune-x86 Run the Zune-x86and this will start the Zune 4.0 installer.

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The Zune software on the PC allows me to organize my music this way (artists are organized alphabetically, then the albums are organized chronologically, according to release year – although you can also organize the albums alphabetically a-z or z-a, you can organize them according to the date you added them to your watched folders and you can now organize them according to genre). Then, when you choose an artist, you only have the option to organize your albums alphabetically.

6.5.1 brings larger user interface elements, 6.5.3 continues the trend of attempting to provide a more finger-friendly user interface with several new usability features such as native support for multitouch; although device maker HTC Corporation created proprietary work-arounds to allow multi-touch to work on some applications it installed on its HD2 handset (However, Microsoft applications on this handset, such as the Internet Explorer web browser, did not support multi-touch.

The name Windows Mobile 6.5.5 has been applied to these newer builds, although this name remains unconfirmed by Microsoft. Gizmodo criticized it for being a superficial upgrade from Windows Mobile 6.1 and noted that it is "just not enough".

Windows Mobile 6.5 is a stopgap update to Windows Mobile 6.1 intended to bridge the gap between version 6.1, that arrived in 2008, and the then yet-to-be released Windows Phone 7.

It was never part of Microsoft's original mobile phone roadmap, and has been described by its former chief executive Steve Ballmer as "not the full release [Microsoft] wanted" (which later became Windows Phone 7).


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