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However, the interest in this issue extends beyond the remitof the Department of Health and the recommendations made in this report willbe pertinent to other government departments and agencies, particularly withthe consideration of a new nuclear build programme. CHAPTER 1INTRODUCTION1.1 The aim of this report is to undertake a further review of the incidenceof childhood leukaemia in the vicinity of nuclear power plants (NPPs) in Great Britain, with particular reference to recent publications, including the German Kinderkrebs in der Umgebung von Kernkraftwerken (Ki KK) study andstudies from other countries (eg France and Finland), and in relation to theconclusions in the tenth and eleventh COMARE reports (COMARE, 2005,2006).

This review considers Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) andnot the UK, since no NPPs are present in Northern Ireland.1.2 In this report, COMARE presents a new geographical data analysison the incidence of leukaemia in children under 5 years of age, living inthe vicinity of NPPs, using cancer registration data currently available for Great Britain.

Thatinformation is contained in this, our fourteenth COMARE previously considered the incidence of childhood cancer inthe vicinity of nuclear power plants between 19 and concluded that‘there is no evidence from this very large study that living within 25 km of anuclear generating site in Britain is associated with an increased risk ofchildhood cancer’ (COMARE, 2005).

The aim of this COMARE report hasbeen to provide further information for the Department of Health on theincidence of childhood leukaemia in the vicinity of nuclear power plants in Great Britain in comparison with the situation in other countries and todetermine whether there is any evidence to support a revision of the previous COMARE advice.

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