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WARNING: This document has not yet been accepted for consideration or approved in any official manner by the XMPP Standards Foundation, and this document is not yet an XMPP Extension Protocol (XEP). Chat Markers use a dedicated protocol extension qualified by the 'urn:xmpp:chat-markers:0' namespace.

I have an issue delivering messages in chat when one of the users goes "offline".

When 1-on-1 chat is initialized and two users are chatting, messages are being delivered and everything works great, but when app of one of the users goes background, the other one keeps messaging.


In the logs I see them coming with the delay after the app restarts: Entire messaging process is built using code from Simple Sample chat (Also, I do not use Push Notifications yet).

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If this document is accepted as a XEP by the XMPP Council, it will be published at 1. There are 4 allowable elements in the namespace, the first 'markable' indicates that a message can be marked with a Chat Marker and is therefore a markable message.

If the sender determines that the recipient's client supports the Chat Markers protocol then it MAY send a Chat Marker or markable message to that full JID.


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