Worst dating questions

This isn't just a warning for dudes not to say to girls. " Me: "you'll have to wait and find out" Her: "mmm I only sleep with circumcised men" Me: "cheque please" Not nice.

Here are 15 questions you should never ask on a first date: black_flag_4ever: Are you actually going to eat all of that, because you're ordering a lot of food. Source: Shutter Stock POOP_ON_YOUR_FACE: Her: "Are you circumcised? Source: Shutter Stock jimmyolsenblues: Never ask anything about their exs and never offer anything about your exs.past is the past.

How freaked would you be if I told you I already looked you up online?

Are you going to kiss me or will I eventually have to make the first move?

My date tried to impress me by arguing with the cops.

A.'Him: 'Oh, strippers work out for a discount there, don't they? Get a little work out in, go right to work in your little outfit. ' Me: 'Umm.' (Is this guy really asking me these questions? We got picked up by the NYPD for criminal marijuana possession.


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