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Twenty Pretoria high school boys were last year similarly exploited.Social media lawyers report victims as young as nine years old.Police cordoned off streets and cuffed 27 youths during the ensuing violence in the city.The crowd surrounded the Plusgymnasiet high school where they thought the photo uploader was studying.Algebraist , 8 June 2008 (UTC)Not everyone here is from the US, you know.One small university in my city pays math tutors ten (US) dollars per hour; students receiving help, of course, don't pay anything outside the standard tuition and fees.

No member is forced to send money to any other member so if you do so it is your choice.

According to the Gothenburg Post, the tearaways threw stones, jumped on cars, and clashed with cops called in by the authorities.

Rioting spread to a nearby shopping mall and several streets were blocked to end the riot.

Don't point me to the Math RD please, it's nice for a couple of questions, but I need someone who goes through my exercises and tell me what I am missing, what I have to learn.

Going On Tracks (talk) , 8 June 2008 (UTC) I can't recommend any tutors myself, but people should be able to give much better answers if you indicate what mathematical level you're at, and what sort of exercises you'll be doing.


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