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But the hip-hop duo of Andre “Andre 3000” Benjamin and Antwan “Big Boi” Patton are rumored to be returning to the scene after a six year hiatus.

The “Ms Jackson” singers are supposedly reuniting at the Coachella music festival next April, followed by appearances at other big music fests through the year. Speaking of dangerous rumors, Patton is the subject of one himself, as his soon-to-be ex-wife is claiming the rapper is gay: In a deposition, Sherlita Patton told jurors she found explicit pictures of Bejamin on her hubby’s phone.

But André tells VIBE that Badu’s jaw-dropping showing was long in the making.

“[Badu] knew of the tour already,” said the celebrated MC and budding actor born André Benjamin, who is currently making media rounds to promote his portrayal of guitar god Jimi Hendrix in the independent film .

The source says the business relationship between the two will go as the relationship goes but “everything is going great.” Eufaula is at the “top of her game professionally” and has even hired a personal assistant named Bridget Moran says the source.

“Having Dre is the icing on the cake for her” says the source.

Andre Benjamin met Antwan "Big Boi" Patton in high school and a few years later Outkast was hitting the charts with their single Playa's Ball.

Since then Andre 3000 has done it all— acting, producing his cartoon series, promoting his vegan lifestyle, and Erykah Badu with whom he has a son.

Out Kast has been off our radar for so long we forgot all about them.

As details remain foggy and unknown, it has been reported confirmed from a close family member that Sharon has passed away.

Reports state that she was in her early 60’s and lived in Rex, Georgia.

Sources tell Bossip that Eufaula is very close to “Dre” as the source calls him and that she is one of the few persons that have been allowed to get close to the eccentric Hip-Hop fashion and cultural trailblazer.

“No one understands Dre’s weirdness and she does, so they are pretty tight” says the source in Atlanta who is close to Eufaula’s camp.


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