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Listed below are some of the strangest porn genres. Cumming-On-Figurines If you asked me what this was, my answer would be, exactly what it sounds like. For those unfamiliar with the term, amiibos are plastic figurines of Nintendo’s most popular characters, like Mario and Toad.

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— Sometimes skill and strategy aren’t really requirements in Japanese game shows.A few years ago, you could still see high school drop outs standing in front of train stations practising this (the large glass fronts make for great mirrors apparently), so definately something to look out for if you’re ever over there. PS: I’m probably revealing a bit too much about my shockingly horrendous musical tastes here, but if you find yourself wanting more of this ear busting power pop then go look up “buchiage trance” and “parapara paradise” ;) You’ll also find a lot of these Para Para songs popping up in the Dance Dance Revolution series.That’s it – my eyes are burning, my ears are bleeding, and I needn’t tell you you about the tons of other weird crap that didn’t make it onto this list because my editor would have shot me, but I still had to watch.It’s ok, go ahead – I’ll be right here when you get back. Hey, hey, puuuuuu~ This one is from 1985, and it’s the lyrics that make this song beyond ridiculous. Yup, totally serious – you can read the full English version here.The words are as follows: “don’t make me take my off my (sailor) school uniform. World, meet the craze known as Para Para, a catchy mix of happy hardcore and trance set to talentless girls who dance with their hands alone, sometimes looking disturbingly like an air hostess giving safety instruction.By night, the player must frantically climb a staircase tower while being chased by a giant baby, or disembodied hands stabbing the tower with a fork.


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