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Come Christmas, families will gather over dinner, around the tree — and in front of the computer screen. For millions of people whose families are scattered across the country, almost any digital screen can become a window into a holiday celebration via Skype, Google Hangouts or Apple’s Face Time.

“We all get on Skype and we open our presents together,” said Anthony Deos, whose loved ones live in the United States, Germany and Thailand.

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Current available mongodb versions on Raspbian are too old for Rocket. Mongo Lab offers free sandbox databases that can be used with Rocket. Create a free account and database here: Create a user and give it write access to the database. Login, download and start ngrok (see if you need more information): Now follow the instruction and give the ngrok link to your friends and family anywhere in the world. HINT: if you want to use the voice and video chat features, make sure you give them the link starting with Ask your friends to download the Rocket.

Sure, we have Rooms now — but Rooms, despite its branding and anonymous discussion groups, has little in common with the chatrooms of yore.

And like other modern attempts to reincarnate the ‘90s chat room (Airtime, anyone?

Step 1: Unplug it The quickest and easiest way to make sure your external webcam can’t be used to spy on you is to disconnect it either from your computer, or the mains.

Without power, a webcam won’t work, so if you’re not using it, keep it unplugged.


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