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In a statement released to local businesses and the news media, board members said the policy was “vague, unclear and needed to be re- evaluated.” Superintendent John Garner rec- ommended suspending the policy and the three board members pre- sent agreed.

“The superintendent’s recommen- dation and board’s sentiment was based on patron input,” the state- ment said. “Apparchny ft touclieda nerve.” Bar manager Susan Brom said she will welcome Mc Conm'ck back when- ever he’s ready to start. “He couldn’t be here when I need- ed liim so I had to liire another bar- tender,” she said.

W^THERi^ Today: Sunny and hot with light, variable winds. ’ There was no e^boration, but the court said the action was taken without preju- dice, which means the petidon c^d be filed again later. iled by attorneys Robert Huntley of ' Boise, a former Supreme Court justice, and Tim Hopkins of Idaho Falls. coalition includes contractors at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, the Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce, the International Brotherhood ; of Electrict U Workers and other groups. ”The fact that the Supreme Court has chosen not to rule on it before the elec- tion means it will be the task of orgtmka- rions such as the coalition ro rake that message directly to the people. We invite a vigorous public debate.’^ Please see NUCLEAR. flap ends in reversal School board lets janitor keep his job as bartender By Karen Toikkinen Thnes-News writer Klhffi ERLY-Tlie Kimberly School Board has backed dowrt, and an ele- mentary school janiror will be able to continue tending bar on the week- end.

* gus has been found in two h Cni-’ Cassia spud fields. a petition filed just ^ hours earlier by the Coelltio& for Ballot Integrity: a group of business and labor organizations. wtu we wanted to focus attention on the unconstitutionality of this measure,” said Hot HOOPS ■' - J Igh gear: Mattjiups between ^Washington and Detroit and ^^dcsonville and St Louis high- ■ ‘"^ited Fridtor^ NFL preseason Page B5 Religion ^ Chris Meyer, who is with Huntley’s Boise . ”Wc would have preferred that the Supreme Court addrbs the issue before , the election so that the people would know that the thing they were being asked to vote for is unconstitutional,” Meyer said. 38;- uer uvnx/n Tk M»am Chds Borgeh goes Inside with a revene layup while playing a gams of hone with his friend, Jeff Ames, Friday afternoon at the Sawtooth Bementary School basketball courts In Twin Falls.

“This decision rescinds a U pending personnel actions taken under this policy.” Janitor Bill Mc Cormick, who had put his side job on hold, said he will return to Eddie's Lounge as soon as ■ management will take him back. “I don’t think it’s fair to immediately fire the other one so Bill can have his job back.” For now, she will try to juggle the schedule to give both bartenders hours.

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