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Anyone who continues to navigate on this site automatically declares that they are 18 years old or above and agrees to view adult content.This community is absolutely against child abuse in all its forms; anyone who attempts to upload material depicting child pornography to the server will be immediately reported to the competent Judicial Authorities.Candaules, also known as Myrsilus, was the twenty-fifth King of Lydia, the twenty-second and last of the Heraclides dynasty.Mirso's successor, he reigned between 733 and 716 BC According to Herodotus, Candaules bragged of his wife's incredible beauty to Gyges, his favourite bodyguard.Gyges would then move away from the room when the queen turned her back to him. The following pages contain explicit images of amateur erotic exhibitionism.If you are underage or morally opposed to such topics, please do not go any further.

The name comes from a story told by Herodotus in his Histories about Candaule (from which the term “candaulismo” derives), king of Lydia in the eighth century BC, who secretly showed his naked wife to his bodyguard Gyges.Some people wonder what a cuckold is all about and want to test the water with it and using webcams is the best way to explore and try out this fantasy/fetish.Being a cuck is very humiliating to the slave and being made to watch as his wife/girlfriend/ Mistress has sex with a real man, always much bigger than the cuckold himself.When I first encountered this phenomenon, around three years ago, I thought this was a rare fetish, a fascinating one, but unlikely to ever be widely practiced or acknowledged.The social and evolutionary programming just seems too strong, suppressing female sexuality and encouraging jealous mate-guarding by males.He said: ''Gyges, it seems you do not believe me when I speak of the beauty of my wife: for men, in fact, the ears are more treacherous than the eyes; so I will arrange for you to see her naked.'' Gyges refused, not wanting to disgrace the queen by seeing her naked; but he also feared what the king might do to him if he did not.


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