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These systems often consist of the user self-reporting their age or date of birth.They often use a credit card, and are usually provided by a third-party company; the same AVS company can provide adult verification for multiple websites, thus becoming more user friendly.Only approved advertisers may participate in the Adult Advertising Program.If you are an approved advertiser, please follow these policies throughout this page to ensure your ads are approved quickly.In 1999, a particular AVS (Landslide Inc.) was at the center of a police crackdown on internet users viewing child pornography, known as Operation Ore, in which web users using an Landslide's AVS were identified by their financial records when the company which stored the data went into liquidation.Problems with this system include the ease at which a child may get access to (for example) their parents credit cards, defeating the stated purpose of the system, and that it is easy to use a fake script to defraud users into divulging their credit card number to an individual to use for their own purposes.As a participant in the program: The following policies are provided for advisory purposes only.At its sole discretion and at any time, Microsoft reserves the right to define and amend what is considered adult content, amend the published adult policy, restrict the presence of adult content across the network, and disable the use of adult keywords.

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You can see exactly, how these sites work in this post: Get Verified: Tinder, Badoo, and Craigslist – Matrix of a Scam For this post, I will focus on what the consumer experience is, and why these unknown credit card charges are fraudulent. The Get Verified scam site, routes you to a billing site for a dating website.

Content protected by these measures typically include sex, nudity, violence or profanity, age-restricted You Tube channels or videos, or ESRB rated content for M-rated and AO-rated video games, or alcoholic beverages and tobacco.

AVS is used to attempt to legally protect companies from punishment under laws against (for example) disseminating pornography to a minor.

Then you should also have a standard option which is just a form that registers the user through their email address.

You want to grab as many people as possible and offering a few of the most popular quick login options will capture more people, otherwise you can often loose a lot of people by offering a form to fill in.


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