Validating identity error

By default, XP will re-authenticate with the user credential after the user logs-on (there is no way to do computer-only with XP, I believe).I'd start by reviewing the event logs on your IAS server for reasoning as to why it's not authenticating your client.For detailed information about how to deploy a wireless LAN using IEEE 802.1X authentication, see Deployment of Protected 802.11 Networks Using Microsoft Windows.For information about how to troubleshoot wireless connectivity on wireless networks that do not use 802.1X authentication, see Troubleshooting Microsoft Windows XP-based Wireless Networks in the Small Office or Home Office.You will need to enter your encryption information here in order to connect to your network.Select your encryption type from the "Network Authentication" and "Data Encryption" drop downs. Scope Validator[0] Invalid scope: openid I have made sure I add the scope in my Identity Server application. Identity Server Application ( the Host) While your client (application) is configured or allowed to request the openid resource (or scope), your identity server is not configured for the openid identity resource You need to add it as an identity resource similar to how its done here and have a method that returns all your identity resources that you want to use like its done here.

I cannot get WPA2 enterprise to work on my network. Windows Domain, using IAS and its own CA Linksys WAP200 Access Point I setup the AP to use WPA2-Enterprise Mixed using RADIUS I setup and registered IAS on the domain controller.

Uncheck "The key is provided for me automatically" and enter and confirm your Network key.

I am getting the below error while making a request to my Identity Server application from my Javascript Client Application. In short add a new method to your that looks like this: services.

I just replaced an existing computer and when hooking up the new computer, I have connection to the internet but the status for my connection to the network here at home says "validating identity". Later on I got a an error message that says, I quote: "There is an IP address conflict with another system on the network." Can anyone help me figure this out?

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