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AT&T is the second-largest mobile carrier in the United States with over 100 million wireless subscribers.The wireless carrier is a subsidiary of the larger company AT&T, which operates wireline internet, TV and phone services across the U. AT&T has played an important role in the Windows Phone scene in the United States, with the carrier usually having a choice selection of high-end exclusives.You can look forward to the HTC One M8 for Windows and Lumia 830 joining AT&T sometime before the end of the year.AT&T operates its network with GSM and LTE technology for both voice and data, primarily on 700, 850, 17MHz spectrum.AT&T also created an "Unlimited Choice" plan that costs a month and has no data caps and overage fees.This plan does not include any tethering, and video is always reduced to about 480p resolution or a maximum bandwidth of 1.5Mbps.

The other band used by the local carrier is 20 (800). I have an unlocked Metropcs phone that I would like to switch to straight talk to use on at&t tower, do I have to buy an at&t sim card, not the t-mobile sim card? I bought an unlocked iphone 6 and it was unable to connect to At&t network, when I took it to the At&t store they investigated and said it was not compatible, that someone had unlocked it and manually changed it to At&t but that it was not At&t compatible.

Some quick notes—read this part really fast in your head as though it’s fine print: If you go over your 300 megabytes with AT&T, it’ll cost you for an additional 300 megabytes but any data you don’t use will roll over for use during one additional billing cycle if you need it.

Sprint offers unlimited data while you’re on the Sprint network, which is a mighty fine deal as long as you have decent coverage where you live.

For grandfathered unlimited users, there is no reason to switch unless you need to add lines. AT&T Wireless rolled out a new Mobile Share Advantage Plan on August 22, 2016 with lower data costs but higher per device fees.

Updated January 2017 to reflect Grandfathered Unlimited Price increase. Our analysis below has been updated to reflect this.


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