Updating ram

Well, If you bought a new PC in the past couple of years or so, probably not, but for older systems that have been upgraded to Windows 10 (especially those of a Windows 7 vintage), then the Windows Anniversary Update will be the end of the line for those who skimped on RAM.Fortunately, upgrading the RAM in most systems is cheap, quick, and simple (unless we're talking about tablets, in which case, it is the end of the road), and will significantly improve system performance.

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Use the boxes below to find your model, and the RAM and SSD upgrades will appear. You can quickly search our database and find your model and what upgrades you can buy to improve its performance.That tool is the Spotlight Search, the small magnifying glass all recent Macs have in the upper right hand corner of their screen.Here are some really cool things that you can do with Spotlight Search.Are you working on a recipe and need to convert liters to gallons?In this example, I just typed in 12 liters, and Spotlight automatically shows what that conversion is in gallons.This isn’t a surprise, considering that previous-gen Mac Book Pros also came with soldered RAM.


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