Updating from arcsde to arcserver

with the release of 10.1, Esri sells Arc SDE as a component of Arc GIS Server - part of the Arc GIS family of software products which integrates geographic-information query, mapping, spatial analysis, and editing within a multi-user enterprise DBMS environment.After 2010, there are some alternative tools for connecting Arc Map with DBMS Postgres, SQL Server.. Arc SDE enables organizations to move from a traditional approach — managing separate collections of geographic data files — to an integrated environment in which one can manage spatial data as a continuous database: accessible to the entire organization simultaneously and easily publishable on the Web.Initially a standalone database named Spatial Data Base Engine (SDBE), acquisition by Esri in 1996 saw it rebranded to Arc Spatial Database Engine (Arc SDE).Arc SDE acted as a form of middleware, an interface between the Arc GIS application and the Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) of your choice.For the license-update process, I would perform the following steps: Using the license-file and the Arc GIS Administrator I'll authorize my Arc GIS Server instance including the Geo Event Processor.To avoid problems with my enterprise geodatabase: Are there any additional steps, which I have to perform (like inject the license key directly in my database)?!

The product began as stand-alone software: Esri integrated it into Arc GIS version 9.2.

I've already posted more or less the same question at esri's Geo Net Forum, but until now I have got any response.

As my license will expire shortly, the is my second try to get some information before license-expiration.

And what's about my Geo Database-Connection from my personal computer to the enterprise geodatabase?

Do I have to establish a new connection using a "new generated" keycodes file?


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