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So let’s travel back in time to 2005 and revisit the World First that became the foundation of her legacy.(Check it out here) Between tours, Coby Toland forgot what a long journey was like, but it’s all worth it when he surprises a sleeping Crum in Australia.

“With each show everyone is pushing one another to go faster and jump farther than the night before. On the BMX side, show attendees can expect to experience a cavalcade of never before seen madness led by James Foster, the only person currently performing the BMX triple backflip, plus a host of other big names including “The Warrior” Jed Mildon, X Games medalist Andy Buckworth, and plenty more.

“Believe us when we say, you have never seen a circus like this before,” says Pastrana.

*Rider line-up subject to change without notice Nitro Club VIP (see beneath) Fans looking for the ultimate Nitro Circus experience will want to get their hands on the all-new Nitro Club VIP package (89 EUR).

Leave it to us to hang out all day with primates and still come off looking like the wildest animals. and Canada this fall, and then we’re making our way back to Europe.

(Watch it here) Travis Pastrana recently took some friends and family on a little sightseeing tour around Pastranaland. Download the Nitro Circus app to get access to exclusive, behind-the-scenes coverage of our live shows.


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