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J.' Soprano, Jr.: I didn't see the leaves Tony Soprano: [shouting at AJ] You can grill fucking steaks on that converter, I told you! The guys are already here, they've been patted down too Butch De Concini: We started it? Jennifer Melfi: It's interesting that you would say a big ass, 'cause Jean is quite slender.

Tony Soprano: His lamed out he might not be able to put his hands on a clean phone Tony Soprano: Alright, listen, thanks Tony Soprano: [in their safe house] How many fucking times I've told you it's an SUV watch where you park off road the Cadillac converter and the dry vegetation Anthony ' A. Fat mouth Tony Soprano: [shouting to Meadow] What'd you say? J.' Soprano, Jr.: Actually that's good it'll force me to take the bus Carmela Soprano: What? J.' Soprano, Jr.: We have to break our dependence on foreign oil George Pagilieri: [FBI wiretap recording from an undercover FBI van] Cafe Napoli Tony Soprano: George, its Anthony George Pagilieri: Your fucking ears must be ringing I just left your friend, the son crying the blues over the situation between you and that outfit over there Tony Soprano: That's why I'm calling I need you to reach out to the "little guy" George Pagilieri: His not happy with Phil neither Tony Soprano: I know, you're not a part of that family, your basically retired, everybody trusts you, what I'm thinking you supply a location, guarantee everybody's safety George Pagilieri: I could do that George Pagilieri: [At a secret sit down meeting in closed construction warehouse] George Pagilieri: Anybody want a water?

There are two variants of city, one with lowercase letters and only ASCII characters. The city_accented column contains full city names including accents and special characters. It is different in nature than the zipcodes database due to the absence of zipcodes, which are used as primary keys in the Civicspace implementation. Questions like how we fill out the data to include these missing elements, how we maintain this data, how we structure it in respect to supporting only subsets of it for regions or groups of countries, these are all topics for discussion. With data like this a whole new class of applications becomes possible.

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