Sqldatasource onupdating event

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NET Entity Data Model โดลคลิกควาที่ Project เลือก Add New Item เลือก ASP.

Row Editing ds = Get Data() '// get your data here from database With gv Test .

Data Bind() End With End Sub Private Sub gv Test_Row Editing(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

Column Name N = @Parameter Value N WHERE Primary Key Column Name1 = @Primary Key Value To Update1 AND Primary Key Column Name2 = @Primary Key Value To Update2 AND ...

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The Grid View is populated using some dummy records using Data Table, you can populate it from database too.

NET 2.0 introduces three new data Web controls: the Grid View, the Details View, and the Form View.

Future installments will explore more advanced updating scenarios, such as customizing the Grid View's editing interface and programmatically setting the updated values. The UPDATE Table Name SET Column Name1 = @Parameter Value1 Column Name2 = @Parameter Value2 ...

In this article I will explain how to edit Grid View row on double click event in ASP.

Net or in other words attached mouse double click event handler to Grid View Row in ASP.


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