Silverlight treeviewitem not updating

Some of the feature implemented shadows my other reference but searching is exceptional good in this article.

Gets or sets a value indicating whether to clip the content of this element (or content coming from the child elements of this element) to fit into the size of the containing element.

Every possible element which will be displayed using Rad Tree View have implemented a special ITree Node interace, which defines a Children property.

Using this, the breadcrumb simply updates after using a Load On Demand Tree View.

How can I programmatically update the tree so that it fires the Node Formatting event (where my nodes are updated)?

Okay, so the Display Member Path isn't working at all, i have tried all day to fix it and nothing i found on the internet works...

This is a dependency property.(Inherited from UIElement.)Gets or sets the identifying name of the element.

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The item does not appear, and nothing I've tried (such as setting the Items Source to null and then back again) has caused it to appear.(Inherited from UIElement.)Coerces the value of the specified dependency property. Besides that i simply have implemented the INotify Propety Changed interface on the data object itself to notify that the Children property has changed.When a property is changed through my property grid, I want to make sure the tree is up to date. private void rad Property Grid Node_Property Value Changed(object sender, Property Grid Item Value Changed Event Args e) Refresh() does not work. I have a WPF Tree View that is bound to a hierarchy of a single type: Initially the Tree View binds as expected and correctly displays a multi-level hierarchy.


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