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After missing last year’s event because of what he labeled a “lovers’ quarrel” with X Games organizers, the face of the games is back as a 30-year-old looking ahead to making the 2018 Winter Olympics. They said some things, I said some things, but we’re calling it a truce so I can be here and ride.” Hitting that landmark birthday, White has a refreshed and reinvigorated vibe going into Thursday night’s finals.

“It’s made me focus in on every single aspect of my life, from family to business to you name it. I really laid out everything I do and really homed in and either upgraded it or I’m doing it differently.” Snowboarder Shaun White poses for a portrait in downtown Aspen on Wednesday, January 25, 2017.

Some are blurbs that either didn't make the final cut of All The Way Home or Drop The World others are just ideas that never went anywhere.

Some bits are 6 lines long others are over 500 words.

Shaun White's decision to pull out of the slopestyle snowboarding event at the Winter Olympics angered some of his fellow competitors who felt the move was premeditated because the two-time Olympic gold medalist was afraid to lose.

If White did indeed decide to pull out of the event before arriving in Sochi, he may have screwed a 15-year-old out of a chance to compete in the Olympics as the United States Olympic Committee could not replace White on the roster.

Mack took to Twitter to express his frustration, saying "love how shaun drops out of the Olympics.In that case, White's spot could have gone to sixth-place finisher, 18-year-old Brandon Davis. It could have kicked started my career a bit, and gotten the ball rolling." Of course, the riders were only screwed if White did indeed drop out because he was afraid to lose and Alyssa Roenigk of provided an anecdote suggesting it was: "It was surprising news nonetheless.I remember White once telling me his favorite thing is to show up to a halfpipe or slopestyle competition when the weather is bad, or the pipe is cut poorly, or everyone is complaining about the course -- because that's when he shines."We were working in the same office so I did not approach her until I found out she had given her notice," he said.However, it seems that Dempsey may have seen him coming.Everyone has to ride the same course and drop into the same pipe, and he knows he is the best rider on any day, no matter the conditions.


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