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A self-made Chinese cyber celebrity popular for satirical videos has secured 12 million yuan ($ 1.85 million) in funding, a sign that China’s domestic investors are willing to pay up for original content on social media.

Nicknamed “Papi Jiang,” the graduate student from Beijing’s Central Academy of Drama has become one of China’s most popular social media stars in recent months.

It’s designed to exchange contacts minus the manual phone number swap.“With Bluetooth enabled, your phone is capable of detecting whether you have Sochat and can see everyone that you're in the same room with (who is also using Sochat).The 29-year-old Shanghai native is well known for her humorous videos mocking everyday life, relationships, movies, and social issues.She makes fun of women who always find a reason to go shopping, except when their hair is not washed; she asks the We Chat team to develop a function that automatically “likes” posts of one’s parents and boyfriend or girlfriend; she wears a pair of wide frame glasses to mimic former president Jiang Zemin’s angry response during a 2000 press conference.While she’s sometimes described as “China’s Sophie Marceau,” she’s better known for her impressions than her looks. …So you can’t control yourself just for an ordinary playboy? Since last September, Papi Jiang has posted more than 40 videos via Chinese video portals and social media platforms including Weibo and We Chat.Here’s a video of her mimicking a gossipy Shanghai woman talking in a mixture of Shanghai dialect, English and Japanese (Japanese and the Shanghai dialect sound similar). She has eight million followers on Weibo (link in Chinese, registration required), and her video posts often draw ten of thousands of re-posts and comments.Orthwein, 28, the co-founder and chief executive of the new messaging app, previously helped turn We Chat, now with nearly 700 million monthly users, into a dominant force in China. S., I don't think there is one app that is as relied upon.”Like Facebook Messenger (900 million monthly users), Snapchat (100 million daily users) or Kik (275 million registered users), Sochat is a messaging app where people can chat, exchange animated GIFs, share photos and videos, and just generally goof off with friends or groups in a private setting. market with two philosophies: creating better group chat and facilitating more efficient ways for people to connect.


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