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And you know what – sex in of itself is uninspiring for someone with ADHD, and yet, for someone who doesn’t have ADHD, I have heard tell that that having sex, physically and emotionally, with someone who has ADHD can be the best sexual experience they have ever had, the first few times, that is. I am not basing this article on any research or scientific facts. Now, just because sex seems boring to us while in the throes of passion, it doesn’t mean it’s boring for the other person. Maybe it is because we are trying to reach a goal while having sex, and by trying to reach that goal we go all out for the other person, to please them, and many of us do get the other person where they want to go, but, did we get where we want to go? Remember, I am just telling you what I think here, no scientific facts, you can take it or leave it and it may not be the same for everyone…

Take it or leave it, read it and think about it, that’s all. We’d rather be doing something else while in the act of having sex, something more exciting, like, well, fantasizing about sex, putting together a good story about our sex life and while we do that we miss out on something important, the of sex. Usually not, and that’s why we see the actual act of sex as boring. I am not going to present any neurons, biochemistry or brain scans. Physical sex is unsatisfying because it can never seem to live up to our expectations!


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