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Be one of the lucky few to experience this tiny, landlocked nation during its lively festival season.Celebrate the Land of the Thunder Dragon alongside locals through traditional Bhutanese dance, song, and cuisine.So, we better give it due importance at least at this stage in your life. Someone may be good at art while some may be good at mathematics.Just the other day, I got a call from a relative’s daughter requesting me to find a job for her as she had not qualified for any scholarship after Class 12. She came with a bunch of certificates and marksheets. She had done extremely well in Class X scoring high marks in all the subjects like 90% in mathematics. Some may be good at music and dance while some may be good at language and literature. Accordingly, each person has different passion and interests in life.Flights to Bhutan will be arranged through Delhi and are included in your trip costs.

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Backpacking Japan can be an expensive affair but luckily there are a few travel hacks that will let you see the country cheap and there’s even one way you can travel around Japan for free! There are a ton of international ferries to Japan, from Korea, Taiwan, China and Russia but for backpackers, Busan (Korea) is likely to be the only practical destination from which to take a boat to Japan.

In these four extra days of exploration, you'll see Mount Everest from the air (if you dare), visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites, temples, and royal squares in Kathmandu, and learn about how this ancient country continues to rebuild and transform after 2015's earthquake.

Flying in and out of Bhutan is an adventure in itself!

At times a trip to Bhutan feels like travel into the medieval past. You’ll find houses with satellite dishes, monks with mobile phones and students who can debate development models with you in perfect, pukka English.

Bhutan has famously decided to chart a fine line between development and the preservation of its traditional culture, ultimately stressing Gross National Happiness over Gross National Product. The year 2008 will go down as a turning point in Bhutan’s history.


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