Sailing dating singles

I hope the information you find here will demonstrate that not only is sailing a fantastic option for a solo traveller, but it’s also a way of meeting like minded people in a relaxed and healthy environment….having a load of fun to boot!

If you choose a single sailing holiday with Yacht Ibis, we can promise you a number of things – your own bunk, great food, exotic locations, exciting sailing and some hilarious banter.

If you didn't know better, you might think you'd walked into a wedding reception or a high-school reunion. It's a Singles on Sailboats (SOS) club rendezvous, one of their regular Sunday brunches, social hours, and speaker dates, and I've been invited in by Commodore Sandy Huberfeld, a petite dark-haired social whirlwind.

As Sandy wheels me around various guests, offering introductions and telling me what so-and-so does in the club, it's clear this is a very active and engaged group.

That said, the organization is adamant it's not a dating club. It wasn't exactly smooth sailing for Pam and Barney Nanni when they were introduced back in 2006.Question: Can you give me any tips on how to find opportunities to sail from Southern California to Hawaii?A few years ago, I sailed from the Caribbean to Portugal on a small sailboat. There was just the captain, myself and one other crewman.How can I find a situation similar to this, leaving So Cal and ending in Hawaii? Answer: You’ve heard of EHarmony, which matches singles (or so they say) with other singles (ditto)?Welcome to what I’m calling Sea Harmony, a whole world that endeavors to match would-be crew with need-some-crew boats.), whose website says it “matches and connects boat owners and representatives directly online with crew from anywhere to anywhere in the world”; Cruisers, which offers, besides its matchmaking service, encyclopedic information about boats and the business of boats; and, a site that was born so Ollie Wells, its founder, could share his love of sailing and help link those in need of jobs with those who have them.Instead of being paid for his work (which sometimes involved cooking, making the “punch” each night, a bit of vessel upkeep and the occasional watch) he was paid about 10 euros a day (about U.


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