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Theresa May delivered an emphatic ultimatum to EU leaders yesterday – warning she will walk away if they offer her a ‘bad’ Brexit deal.

Because we would still be able to trade with Europe.

For this is a man who likes to immerse himself in the detail.

He is a self-declared obsessive, a perfectionist who believes that every element of a business, or a car, or a building, or a race strategy, or a deal, needs to be examined, evaluated and worked on until there is final acceptance that it is no longer capable of improvement. I have known Ron, but not well, for 40 years, since he was first running his own Formula 2 team.

The statement added: "This follows a decision by the majority shareholders to place him on gardening leave." Dennis, the 69-year-old who has been involved with Mc Laren since 1980, appeared at the High Court in London on Friday in a bid to prevent the team's board from placing him on gardening leave until his contract was due to expire in January.

Dennis, whose statement detailed that he remains a "significant" shareholder in MTG and Mc Laren Automotive Ltd, expressed his disappointment at the manner of his departure from the key roles he held.


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