Pulse sources not updating

Followers get one daily email with ALL the updates from ALL the Pulses they follow.

This can be changed to "none" or "instant email" in the "Email Notification" menu on the top right side of the Pulse.

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So before I do the merge() I verified that Image() had been set.

source) either by its index in the sink/source list or by its name. Values greater than this amplify the audio signal (with clipping). set-sink-input-volume|set-source-output-volume Make a sink (resp.

The mute value is either 0 (not muted) or 1 (muted).

7; SAWTOOTH , (P2-P1) (P4-P1), (P3-P2=0); SQUARE ( ), , , ; TRIANGLE , ( , P2-P1=P4-P3 P3-P2=0 ).

The arrival of Apple’s News app, question marks over the future of Flipboard, and Facebook’s news publishing moves are putting a renewed focus on how we as consumers read news online and how that will be developing in the future.


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