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Some users get lucky and are quickly able to download the update, others may need to wait again for another few minutes.This error message occurs when you and millions of other users are pounding Apple download servers simultaneously, and the content delivery network is overloaded.We posted about this sometime back for i OS 6 apps.But the issue does crop up in i OS 7 too (especially with recent updates).: Uninstalling or deleting the i Pad or i Phone app with the stuck update problem should be the last resort because you will lose all of your app data (such as documents, preferences, settings, other cached data) when you uninstall an i Pad or i Phone app by tapping the 'X' icon.Please note that the following steps will erase all your data that is associated with the stuck app (such as documents, preferences, settings, other cached data).

Right out of the box yesterday, I was able to transfer my library, playlists, and it appears all other data to the new 5th Gen. I do want to use the app or at least be able to delete it. Maybe if I continuously hard reset it, back to back, it might work? Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?You will need to back up your documents before you uninstall the app. When it was time for the update, I clicked "update app" of course, but it said the app couldn't be updated. Since then, it just says "Waiting…" and I can't do anything with it. But if the website doesn't open and Safari throws an error, there could be two possibilities: the network is down or the connection is slow.


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