Post dating checks in quickbooks

He doesn't issue invoices in item for Rent and make it a two-sided item.You can either configure both sides to post to the Rent expense (resulting in your net expense for rent appearing on the P & L) or post the income side to an Income account named Subleases.You can invoke this screen by typing ‘PDDDWRST’ in the field at the top right corner of the Application tool bar and clicking on the adjoining arrow button.You can enter the following details: Drawer Status Code Specify a unique drawer status code here.Before printing checks you must make sure that you have your banking account and printer set up with the application.

You should always verify that the default date range is correct.In that case, Quick Books automatically prints the payment date specified in the “Pay Bills” window or the date specified in the “Write Checks” window as the check date.If the discounted cheque is returned from the clearing, then the system will process the debit from the past due account or create loan based on the parameters captured in the ‘Post Dated Cheque product preference’ screen.A reader rents a large office space in an office building and has decided to sublet unused space to other businesses.He writes a monthly rent check to the building's management company and wants to know how to post the checks he receives from the two businesses that share the space.Single Post-Dated Payment Viewing The Debtor Form Multiple Post-Dated Payments Creating Multiple Post-Dated Transactions Revolving Post-Dated Payments Post-Dated Payment Received Manually Posting A Payment Automatically Posting A Payment Printing Post-Dated Checks When An NSF Check Is Returned Reviewing Unfulfilled Promises Summary See Also Setup Transaction Types Post A Transaction Post A Debtor Payment Post Fees Make An Interest Adjustment Setup Amortized Interest Use The Amortization Schedule Report Collector Commissions Cancel Letters After Payment In Full Exclude Multiple Transaction Types From Reports Learn More About Managing Finances In Collect!


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