Nicole scherzinger is she still dating lewis hamilton

Nicole's dad then refers to Lewis as his "future son-in-law" and mentions a proposal, by which point everyone assumes it's a done deal, but Nicole throws a spanner in the works by denying that she is engaged in a tweet just one day later. October 2011 - Relationship status: engagement rumour, Lewis confirms that the couple are no longer together.But, true to form, within a matter of weeks he's embarking upon 'a full-on mission' to get her back, and she's admitting that she still loves him.Scherzinger also talked about her time as a Pussycat Doll, joking that she wore "a lot of latex" during her stint with the girl group.While she admitted that she didn't always get along with some of the girls, she says she's stayed in touch with a few.Lewis Hamilton may be currently linked to Kendall Jenner, but that isn’t stopping his ex-girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger from dishing on their painful split!After dating on and off for seven years, the Formula 1 racer , 30, and former lead singer, 36, called it quits this past February."We were like a family -- got on each others' nerves.

October 2012 - Relationship status: It's Nicole's turn to sleep on the couch after she is photographed apparently kissing showbiz boogeyman Chris Brown.RELATED: Kendall Jenner Hangs With Brother Rob Kardashian’s Ex Rita Ora As who’s hoping her 19-year-old model daughter will end up calling Lewis her boyfriend.(Photo Credit: Splash) “She really wants Kendall to date him,” the source shared.During an interview with the Daily Telegraph, the 37-year-old Baby Love singer admitted that her busy career has taken a toll on her relationships with loved ones."I try not to regret things, because I feel like as long as you put positive energy towards something – and you put your whole self, your true self, towards it – it'll lead you to the next place you're supposed to be," she said."I look at this as a great blessing for me to be able to take on this role... Nicole Scherzinger and her boyfriend of seven years, Lewis Hamilton, called it quits back in June -- but it's still awkward for her to talk about.Which we suppose you would have if you’re waiting to get married.


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