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3) You’re a foreigner who knows the customary tip in the US is 15% but feign ignorance so you can save a few bucks. (Swear that happened to me once.) 5) You ask “What are the specials? 6) After you’ve eaten all of your food you decide you don’t like it and demand a full refund. ) 10) You arrive on time but your friends are an hour late.7) You ask the waiter for ice, sugar, and lemon and make your own lemonade. ) 8) You request a list of the CD’s we’re playing on the house stereo. You insist on being sat in the dining room but refuse to order anything more complicated than water with lemon and five baskets of bread.If you’re thinking of applying for a mortgage or changing your existing deal, there are steps you can take to improve your chances of being approved.The first is to get a handle on what you spend your money on every month.I told myself I wasn't drinking, why the fuck I get bent? I ran out, my driver sleep I woke him up like "You ain't see that bitch Brown skin, thick, probably moving on some schemin' shit?Girl talk with Dej Loaf is more like a conversation with a really cool guy friend. I’m not saying go crazy on the first night, but I just let life be what it is. I don’t run from things, if I’m feeling it, it happens. Kids always make you kind of turn your head a little bit, I don’t know about kids, but you never know. But if you gotta deal with that extra baby mama drama, I’m not doing that.

The waiter deducts the gift certificate from your total and you only tip the waiter on the remaining .

Looking forward to hear back u : DHi again, Glad i hear back from you!!

i’m bit excited just now, can not wait anymore to hook up :) as, like i said previou email, i’m not exactly all for this type of thing, but i am willig to try it out.

“If you are able to pay off loans and other debts it is worth doing it so they are taken out of the equation,” he said.

Many lenders are now looking much more closely at borrowers’ bank statements, sometimes as far back as six months.


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