Matt hardy and ashley massaro dating

She has appeared as a swimsuit model in Stuff and Maxim magazines as well as gracing the pages of Playboy.She received her wrestling training from the best in the business: Ricky Steamboat, Trish Stratus and Dave Finlay.""Well, you went on the top rope and drop kicked Big show in the face.""Oh…well I didn`t drop kick him…""Hey, you saved me and I really appreciate it.""Cool, cool I`m glad you liked it.""I did thank you"Jeff over Trish`s shoulder and saw Matt and Lita walk into the room."Hey." He said"Hey? " Lita asked walking in with Matt by her side."Whoa, uh…I`m not here to cause problems. " Jeff asked innocently."What did we talk about last week man? Jeff sighed and rolled his eyes."Look, we were just talking.""Whatever. ""I`m warning you Stratus.""I`m shaking in my boots."Lita walked angrily out of the locker room and all eyes were on Trish.Trish didn`t care about all the attention she was getting. She had no idea why Lita was being so pissy or why she thought there was some plan or whatever. The only time they had ever talked, was when she was with T&A and nothing she said to Jeff Hardy during that time was nice. I`m just gonna go back to the hotel and lay down.""Hope you feel better." Mickie said walking away with Ashley.

Shortly after Hardy sent in a tape for the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) Amateur Challenge using the ring name High Voltage, a tag team named High Voltage began competing in WCW, causing Hardy to change his name to Surge.He then attended Sandhills Community College in Pinehurst to gain his associate degree.Hardy, along with his brother Jeff and friends, started their own federation, the Trampoline Wrestling Federation (TWF) and mimicked the moves they saw on television.She was discovered during a 2005 Raw Diva search, winning the tense competition and securing a one-year contract with the WWE.She debuted on Raw once week later but immediately made enemies from the other jealous Divas.She was attacked by Torrie Wilson, Victoria and Candice Michelle.


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