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Where else could you buy an 80 year old watch and be GUARANTEED it will run like it did the day it was made?

These watches are very similar to the GSTP watches issued to the British Army (see examples below) except that they lack luminescent paint on their dials and hands.

However, I'm open to offers and if you happen to see something you really like, have a really neat online configurator program that allows you to design your own watch by selecting from their extensive range of components and colour schemes.

You can save your designs to your personal "safe" for future reference and, when you choose to buy, they'll assemble your watch at their workshop in Switzerland and ship it to you in around ten days.

Right: A Gruen ammeter, formerly part of an aircraft electrical system. Gruen was classified as an essential industry, and Time Hill employees went on a 48-hour workweek during at least part of the War.

They also starting running two shifts, which they had not done previously.


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