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It’s typically considered for people who have high consumer debt.

Here’s more on choosing a service to meet your needs, along with detail on how we arrived at our ranking of 10 systems.When you start pursuing debt management options, you may get many mixed messages from those in the debt relief industry.Because there is no general industry consensus as to what the best options are, we have narrowed down your options.In addition to streamlining your debts into a single payment, a debt consolidation loan may also offer you an interest rate that is lower than that charged by your creditors saving you money in interest charges.This option can be especially attractive if you have outstanding debts at a relatively high rate of interest (for example, those charged on some retail store cards or credit cards).While credit companies are under no obligation to negotiate your payments, the best debt consolidation companies may be able to consolidate your debt to a single, monthly payment or negotiate to lower the total amount of debt that you owe.


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