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These corrections must be applied in order to bring the Light List up-to-date.

Additionally, this publication should be corrected weekly from the Local Notices to Mariners or the Notices to Mariners, as appropriate.

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Information for public use must be disseminated or readily available in all regions of Canada using all forms of media practical.

The USCG Light List is provided annually and is intended to furnish more complete information concerning aids to navigation than can be conveniently shown on charts.

The Light List is not intended to be used in place of charts or Coast Pilots.

Requirements of this policy that involve the monitoring of departmental compliance by central and common service agencies; the consultation, collaboration or coordination with ministers and their offices, central and common service agencies, and other institutions; the integration of Government of Canada themes and messages; and the accountability to the Cabinet, ministers, the Clerk of the Privy Council, and the Secretary of the Treasury Board do not apply to the following institutions: Requirement 8, Public Opinion Research and Requirement 23, Advertising and all procedures do not apply to the institutions listed in the above paragraph.

The deputy heads of these institutions are solely responsible for monitoring and ensuring compliance with this policy within their institution, and for responding to cases of non-compliance in accordance with any Treasury Board instrument providing principles and guidance on the management of compliance.


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