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Dr Byrne, a well respected academic, said that the director was so in love with Miss Paltrow, who played Emma Woodhouse in the film adaptation, that they both got the character totally wrong.‘Gwyneth Paltrow in Emma I didn’t like,’ she said.

‘There was no sense in which she was ironised, the point of her is she’s constantly getting it wrong.‘Whereas I thought the director was so in love with Gwyneth Paltrow - she looks beautiful in every shot - you didn’t get a sense of the director poking fun of her which is so much a part of her character.’She added: ‘That voice, that nasal whine - it just drives me mad.

Even when Torrance starts crushing on Missy's brother, the girls remain friends 'til the end. In this movie, Jess (played by British Indian actress Parminder Nagra) is obsessed with soccer, but her parents won't let her play because it goes against their cultural beliefs that girls shouldn't play sports.

Jess joins a local team on the DL and becomes super-close with Jules (played by Kiera Knightley).

' and he was like, 'I f***ing did.' Everybody needs a friend like that."Film critic Mark Kermode has since tweeted to claim that he was the on the receiving end of the punch Knightley was talking about.

He told the in 2009: "An actor very gently punched me on air for saying something about Keira Knightley.

British actress who first attracted attention for her role in Bend it Like Beckham.

She gained further fame for her roles in Pirates of the Caribbean and Pride and Prejudice.

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She began appearing in commercials and small TV roles when she was six. Torrance (played by Kristen Dunst) get chosen as tem captain when Big Red graduates.After learning that many of their routines were stolen from another team Torrance relies on new girl Missy to guide her to cheer victory.Since replacing actor Charlie Hunnam as the new Christian Grey in the upcoming film ' Fifty Shades of Grey', Jamie Dornan's star is rising.Known for recent TV dramas including ' The Fall' and ' New Worlds', we take a look at some of the Irish actor's hottest looks.Paula Byrne launched a scathing attack on Kiera Knightley, Gwyneth Paltrow and Emma Thompson for their portrayals in the film adaptations.


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