Justin berfield dating anyone

(Bully) Though his grades don't show it, Reese is just as much a genius as his two younger brothers.

He purposely got a perfect zero on every one of his final school exams, a feat which is just as difficult to accomplish as a perfect one hundred.

He has a younger brother named Lorne Berfield, who is also an actor.

Raised Jewish in California as a young child, Berfield entered the show business world early; he first appeared in a coffee commercial at the age of 5 in 1991.

Age then: 20Age now: 36What you might have seen him in: Scary Movie 2, American History X, My Best Friend's Wedding Fun fact: Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul auditioned for the role of Francis, but was unsuccessful.

(Thanksgiving) He also seems to be quite good at coming up with plans.

An example is when he wanted to see Cynthia's boobs, so he came up with a 3-month plan that almost worked (Cynthia almost fell for him).

Linwood Boomer's Emmy Award-winning sitcom #Malcolm In The Middle blended adult and child humor spectacularly, bridging age gaps and uniting the whole family into one big couch full of laughter.

The surreal comedy is now 16 years old, and even Malcolm himself could hardly believe it upon its 15th anniversary last year: Although the cast members have all long since moved on, it hasn't stopped them from coming together for a big family reunion every once in a while.


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