Jumbuck dating

Already a blend of early Frisian and Saxon, it absorbed Danish and Norman French, and later added many Latin and Greek technical terms.

Corker - something striking or astonishing; something very good of its kind. Dag - a person with little or no dress sense, uncouth. Few sandwiches short of a picnic - slow witted, not all together. Hanging Rock has fitted in so much over 6 million years…from a sacred place for local indigenous people and backdrop to Joan Lindsay’s book Picnic at Hanging Rock and Peter Weir’s film of the same title, to a colourful host of music concerts, markets and popular horse races, the Rock tells many tales about the history of the Macedon Ranges. Bluey - a nickname for a red-headed person; a breed of Australian work dog. Beanie - a small close fitting knitted cap often with a pom pom on top. Blue - to fight, a dispute; depressed in spirits; a mistake; . Bush telegraph / bush wire - unofficial communication network by which rumours are spread. Aggro - abbreviation for aggravated, aggressive, aggression.


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