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This shows perfectly that jaejoong is just gay and this his way of testing people’s waters on how they would think if he ever came out..He dated women in his early teens but anything about other girlfriends were pretty much rumors and even if he did have dated women that doesn’t imply that he’s bisexual for the simple fact that he must have had his phase of denial .Kim is now using Kim Jae-joong (JYJ) for his activities.

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We love your unque voice that can't be duplicate anywhere in this world. Please keep current pictures story dramas movie and songs. Nothing PERSONAL LIFE but more good and what is going on with acting. Kim Jae Joong please please don't lose your wonderful personality and lovable person that you are. I think I'm beginning to understand in many songs that you wrote, and it's very good for me to can tell you ; their songs give me truly power. if you are fan of jj u should make sure 2 watch this movie .... HI - my favorite UNIQUE and the best in the world singer (KJJ) WE MISS YOU VERY MUCH AND THINKING OF YOU.

Music People and USA out there give him a chance,his voice is worth more than Elvis or ?????? There can never be any other guy like him, honestly. Very very goodlooking, very very good at singing, a maestro when it comes to composing, and has acting skills that rivals that of professional actors. He presence in the dramas/movies is very appealing.

Well done Sir, I adore you appearance on the screen if only the camera man focused better in Protect The Boss but when they di the screen lit up anad so did my heart. ♡♥ I feel so good to meet you here again and still support your work. Wishing you walk on the way of music with happiness, I hope. It is now September and Micky and Junsu is already in the Military, too. We are so depress can't listen to Kim Jae Joong's songs or voice, and we play our favorite songs over and over, but not the same. God blessed him with soooo much talent, its ridiculous! I cant forget a pitiful guy introducing his girl to his father in the movie. But when I heard your songs in 2015 Feb, I found how beautiful you are!!

Sun Chun was seen holding a paper fan with the words “Yun Jae” (which stands for Yunho and Jae Joong) printed on yunjae fans are so depressing, this reminds me when some yunjae fan said that go ahra signed somehting like 'yunjae forever' in her autograph. How did they get to be so convinced that they were real? Yunho and Jaejoong never seemed to have special chemistry at all.

I don't see how their interactions were that much different from any of the other guys. Is it because fangirls can force them into heteronormative gender roles as in Yunho the masculine one and Jaejoong the feminine one.


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