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But unfortunately, Share Point list/library doesn’t have events like Content Approved, Content Rejected, Content Requested For Review so that user can tap the events to do their own work on content approval status changes.So it seems we need to do a lot of works manually to send notifications on content approval status changes.SPField Lookup Value old Lookup Value = new SPField Lookup Value(properties. To String()); SPField Lookup Value new Lookup Value = new SPField Lookup Value(properties. tl;dr: If you have trouble with stopping the updated-event from firing, compare what you want to change in the before Properties and after Properties.Each event method has a SPItem Event Properties parameter named properties.

the actual Add / Update operation for which the Adding / Updating event is being fired).The initialization of the event receiver looks like this: And all was fine in the world.The event receiver was nicely attached and got busy when I uploaded a document. I was trying to change permissions on an item and this was the part of my code that was creating the problems: Inside my SPRemote Event Type.This session will describe the basics of Custom Actions, a demonstration to build one or more and apply them to a site in Share Point, as well as provide resources for additional information There are currently 4 demonstrations planned throughout the session, and possibly an additional demonstration if I can fit it in.As per my Boston presentation, I will post all slide-decks, code samples, and answers to questions on my blog here within a few days following the Baltimore event.Custom Actions control features in Share Point such as the Edit Control Block, the Site Actions menu, toolbars, and the links within the Site Settings page.


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