Is sidney crosby dating someone

For example, Swift is playing at the Amway Center tonight in my beloved Bethlehem of the meth belt, Orlando, and I wouldn’t even flinch if someone walked up to me in a strip club and said, “Hey I heard Sidney Crosby’s in town because Taylor Swift is playing a show tonight” because she has a different boyfriend every week.In fact, I’m shocked that she hasn’t dated Crosby yet. So because it’s eventually going to happen, and Swift will break up with whichever athlete she gets her talons on (please be Tebow, please be Tebow…) and then she’ll write an entire album about him, I took the liberty of writing her first hit single off that album.

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Normally, I’d be like, “Stupid morning radio bros startin’ poop with awful photoshops” but not this time, because this rumor totally seems like it could be true.

Let’s get to know more about Crosby’s lover, shall we?

Her name is Kathy Leutner and she is a 29-year-old model.

the couple allegedly began to date in 2008 or at least it looks this way, because there are no confirmations about this fact.

Their relationship looks serious as they are together for a while now and she can be safe having the status of Sidney Crosby girlfriend.


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