Ica stones carbon dating

If you could find a human fossil in the same stone with a dinosaur fossil you would have some nice ammunition to shoot down evolution.

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Fully one third of the stones portray known dinosaur types; some displaying characteristics in the 1960s (when the existence of the stones became generally known), which predated our current understanding of how these animals looked.

What if dinosaurs were still around as late as 6500 years ago. If all you had were something that looked like human footprint alongside dinosaur footprints you might be inclined to shop further. A paper titled Archeological cover-ups by David Hatcher Childress describes the discovery of the Acambaro dinosaur figurines.

Even better if the fossil showed a dinosaur eating a human.

Ica Stone Etching from: Le Pietre di Ica, by Cornelia Petratu & Bernard Roidinger. These stones show signs of being of great age, such as oxidation.

According to geological evidence, the Age of Dinosaurs and the Age of Man are separated by roughly 60 million years.


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