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The SPCA confirmed that all three dogs were put down because they'd been beaten so badly by angry villagers.

Dogs killed for having sex with 12-year-old Three dogs were put down after South African villagers caught a 12-year-old girl having sex with one of them.

Police were called and arrested the child for bestiality.

She appeared before the magistrate's court last Wednesday and the magistrate ordered that she be sent to a psychologist.

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The story is kind of simple: Professor Brody is trying to find a formula to cure the people's allergies to dogs, being himself one example of an allergic person to them.

The cats of course, are worried about this,because the cure of the allergy would make dogs even more popular among humans,making the cats rejected.

The story turns around Lou and his dog spy friends,who needs to protect the formula and also save Lou's owners of the evil cats.

"Villagers heard that the young girl always had sex with three male dogs, so they lay in wait to catch her in the act," he said.

Some people witnessed at least one dog and the girl going behind her family's house last week and "surprised" them.


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