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"This series meets a few and follows their attempts to find love."While Channel 4 argues that the show's title is is a reflection of society's own perceptions, many commenters accuse the network of sinking to a new low.

The Daily Mail reports that the show has been "compared with something akin to a 'Victorian freak show'", further inciting people to decry it on both Twitter and Youtube, where the following trailer has been posted.. I clicked on this link expecting to find a show about toxic people with narcissistic personality disorder or violent criminal records.

While YES, technically, people with disabilities can get married, SOME face harsh penalties that are so steep they have no choice, but to not get married.

This is similar to the argument people who were against LGBT marriage equality used when they said “technically” gay people could get married because they could marry a member of the opposite sex.

Tim is the organizer for Reality Rumble and the October 4th event should be the most spectacular yet.

Every day, he gets more reality stars involved, so I'll keep updating the roster as new names are added.

Today was a historic day for LGBT people as SCOTUS ruled to extend marriage to same-sex couples, and several transgender people born in states like Tennessee and Ohio, unable to marry because of their states refusing to change their gender marker on their birth certificates.

Related: WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE DISABLED AT UNIVERSITY 7. This is a key fact that many people are ignorant to; disabled women have sex drives too!Here are 19 issues on the subject of sex and dating that myself and a number of my disabled girl friends are tired of addressing… You may mean well but trust me that's not how it will come across if you phrase it as above. Far less insulting, and much more of a conversational everyday question.2. A rule of thumb needs to be brought into play here; is it something to talk about naturally over a cup of tea? If the answer's no, chances are you've overstepped the boundaries. It is often one of the first questions disabled girls find that they are asked, but it's a really personal question and not everybody will feel comfortable answering it. Disabled people are perfectly capable of attracting able bodied partners.Some girls may not even know the answer for themselves yet. For some reason this seems to shock the majority of people.Tim is still recruiting former reality stars to help raise money to help a wonderful group of young people who truly deserve all of our help! I'm hoping that more reality stars will contact Tim and make an appearance at the event that weekend.Here's what Tim says about the event: On Saturday October 4th South Atlantic Wrestling and Coach Chris Dodson will be holding a Reality Rumble event at Spotswood High School in Penn Laird, Virginia to raise money for his classroom, Spotswood High School's Special Stars.Many people perceive the physically disabled to be hugely different from them. When it comes to sex and dating we're just the same.


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