Hearing impaired dating

Otherwise it usually comes up during the first date or when we first meet.

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It’s important to see which dating behaviors work later in life and which no longer serve us and how to maneuver some of these issues with hearing loss. In fact, we hosted a sold-out screening of the documentary here in NYC!

I have very strong views and [opinions] relating to my [hearing loss] that we would clash in terms of view points.

I prefer someone who can hear normally because it makes my life easier, I know that may sound selfish but, I depend on my guy to hear the things I cannot when we go out in public and he helps me a lot. I have found that it is best to tell people in person about my hearing loss.

Self-confidence is the best way to earn attraction points from potential dates.

We all have differences and imperfections, and instead of trying to hide them, embrace them as part of what makes you unique.


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