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It's time to start your own online dating personals service.

You Can Wear My Panties can help you find your dream woman who not only let's you wear her panties, but wants you to wear her panties.

Henceforth Anastacia International will be known as Anastasia which in a better way reflects the wholesome profile Anastacia Date projects of her lady members.

Anastacia Date also announced development and implementation of a new website build that includes a new forward thinking option aimed at quickening clients to their ultimate romantic goal of finding a mate.

The first in a series of new features in the pipeline at Anastacia Date includes a new program entitled Date a Lady which enables Anastacia Date’s male membership to have a live engagement arranged by Anastacia Date with a lady of his choice in her home town.

Whether you're a man who wears it everyday or someone who only dons it for special occasions, there are few better feelings in the world than a pair of sexy panties that fit just right.

Anastacia Date says they have already had their first date since initiating the program a few days ago.

Men are already eagerly lining up to take advantage of the sure and secure live face to face format.

At last count over 25 meetings have been scheduled within the first three days of launch.

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