Geico commercial dating Racha xxx photos

Probably limited to West Coast/So Cal viewers but here's a youtube link. There's a toilet paper commercial with a bunch of women going on and on about how important it is that the toilet paper get you clean. Some things are obvious and don't need to ever be stated.

The one with the two hipsters standing in front of their car with a smart phone, the uglier one calling up the blond on the plane so she can unlock the car from her phone.

To the best of my knowledge, there have now been at least five GEICO commercials featuring Maxwell the Pig. Another commercial, which premiered last year, features Maxwell screwing around with his phone in the first-class section of an airplane as a way to get to a “when pigs fly” joke.

The ladies, who are now in their forties and fifties, look great as they first try to help a man get through a door, encourage a woman to push the right buttons in an elevator as well as hype up some football stars and a man mowing his lawn.Your commercial vehicles keep your business moving forward.Choosing the right commercial auto insurance carrier is crucial to your success.When it comes to protecting the vehicles owned and operated under YOUR business name, you can't take any chances.If you ever have a claim, you need to be back up and running fast before the downtime starts costing you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a day.There have also been ones where he zip-lines and luges, because why not, I guess.


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