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Addressing suicide directly with openness and compassion is the first action in saving a life.The next steps include getting help, making a safe environment, and helping youth identify coping skills that can get them through it.But what’s more startling is that most of the teens in these relationships don’t know they are victims of abuse.Dating violence begins slowly, with jealousy and controlling behavior.“A teen can get confused and think that jealousy is a sign of ‘endearing love,’ ” said Jennifer Ponce, a prevention education specialist at Laura’s House.“But if the dating partner demands to go through the other partner’s phone or won’t let him/her spend time with friends, that’s not love,” she said.The boys, on the other hand, were given their own set of suggestions, which were again peppered with general advice for being a well-mannered human being.

He matches up suicide data state by state with Pew’s research into the percentage of Mormons in each state. Knoll concludes his summary by saying that the research “is not intended to condemn.

Earlier this week, the Rational Faiths blog ran a fascinating — and disturbing — post from political science professor Benjamin Knoll, analyzing in considerable detail the alleged link between Mormonism and teen suicide.

You’ve probably seen in the news over the last few months that in the wake of the LDS Church’s policy changes regarding gay Mormons in same-sex marriages (and their children), some in the LGBT community have noted a terrifying increase in the number of suicides and calls to suicide hotlines among LGBT Mormon youth and young adults.

But once again, the expected role of each gender was subtly — and sometimes not so subtly — outlined in several other suggestions.

Case in point: “At a restaurant, say what you’re going to order so she’ll have a guide when ordering,” the assignment urges. This is why I never go out to eat when my husband is out of town.


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