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Given that sex work is not illegal in Ecuador, or in its neighboring countries, and that there is fairly free trade within the region, the price of sexual services in Ecuador should be representative of the price of sexual services in neighboring countries (like, oh…let’s just use Colombia as an example).Sex workers operating specifically out of bars, nightclubs and brothels (unlicensed for sex work) in Ecuador earn an average of .20 per hour and 5 per week (with an average of 19 clients per week).Ecuador’s civil liberties rating declined from 3 to 4 due to the government’s decision to order the closure of a major teachers’ union as well as regulatory actions and legislation that threatened the sustainability of two graduate universities.

Among the leaks were a video entitled Collateral Murder, showing unarmed Iraqis being gunned down by an American helicopters; the Iraq and Afghanistan war logs, which revealed the true human cost of the conflicts; and over 250,000 diplomatic cables, which shone an uncomfortable spotlight on US foreign policy.They later filed complaints of rape and molestation - accusations that he denied.Mr Assange was questioned but never charged, and left the country.Using this guide we can see that a rich foreigner who wanted to have vaginal sex with a condom could expect to pay a whooping .40 for that service.The same client wanting anal sex could expect to pay about .50 for that service.A lawyer representing the woman, who met the Wiki Leaks founder at a 2010 conference in Stockholm, said prosecutors should not have “given up the case” before it reached court and accused Mr Assange of deliberately obstructing the judicial process because he was “afraid”.


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