Flickr photostream rss not updating

Unfortunately, when I add new photos to any of these folders, they seem to take a really long time—sometimes a day or two—to actually appear on my Apple TV.I’m using i Cloud too and my Photo Stream pictures show up right away, so it seems the Apple TV is updating something, but I can’t figure out why it takes so long for pictures I’ve added on my computer to actually show up. The Apple TV doesn’t actually access your photo libraries or folders directly, but instead picks them up through i Tunes in much the same way as your music, movie and TV show content.If a website has provided an RSS feed that is available to the public, your web browser may indicate that it has detected the RSS content.

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Rather than make specific recommendations for aggregator software, you may view a comprehensive list of them, or read a more detailed description of aggregators.

You can get a basic overview at but the premise is really simple — you choose a trigger (like a new item on an RSS feed, someone tagging you on Facebook, someone following you on Twitter, etc.) and in response to that trigger you can choose an action (automatically following a new Twitter follower page, sending Facebook-tagged photos of you to Dropbox, storing your Tweets in an Evernote account, etc.) At first glance it looks simple and somewhat limited, because there are only so many triggers and actions.

Pronounced “ift” (like “lift” without the l), IFTTT is a free Web tool that uses channels to easily automate Web tasks.

Group members include the New York Public Library, NASA, the National Archives of Norway, and the National Library of Scotland.

So you can imagine there’s tons of great material there.


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