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In chats with other users, Bolinger – who used a picture of supermodel Naomi Campbell on his profile – claimed to have eaten a 39-year-old woman and a five-year-old child, Mr Yale told jurors.Bolinger told the court he did not believe "Eva" – who used the surname "Gonza" but later told him it was "Nada" – was a 14-year-old girl.Two weeks ago, guests at a Hyatt Hotel in suburban Chicago noticed a strange smell coming from the ninth floor.

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Valle was arrested after his wife discovered he was spending time in chat rooms describing detailed plans to abduct, torture, rape and cannibalize women; Valle claimed all scenarios he described were mere fantasy.Prosecutor Martin Yale told the trial that Internet chats involving Bolinger on the DFN site about beheading and eating women and girls were discovered by the FBI in New York.Investigators discovered the email address [email protected] being used in Kent and Bolinger was arrested after the information was passed to Kent Police.Hotel guests were given an all-clear from the police and were allowed to re-enter the hotel a few hours later, but not before local news affiliates showed up and filmed dozens of people in large furry animal suits prancing about on the sidewalk, playing in drum circles, cuddling up together for warmth, and taking selfies with police officers.Police are investigating the incident as a possibly intentional chemical attack.He told police he believed "Eva" was probably a man in his 30s "surrounded by pizza boxes" who would be dead by his 40s.


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